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Frequently Asked Questions - BRRD


Why use BRRD?


With our large database of country radio connections, we can have your material sent and have it in the hands of those who can get you airplay. More airplay equals a more broader audience reached, which potentially can turn into fans of your music. Depending on what package is purchased, a bio may also be sent out as well. We send material digitally, so a MP3 File or WAV File must be submitted before purchasing a package. 

Why Radio?


Radio is still the way most people hear new music. Here are some interesting stats from iHeart Media’s CEO Bob Pittman.

Statistics of Radio’s Reach
• Radio is the #1 reach medium in America with a 93% reach vs 85% for TV.
• TV reach among millennials is 75% while radio’s reach is 93%.
• There are 1 Billion radios in the US and 175 Million smart phones.

“Radio is about companionship. When you are listening to the radio, you are listening to your best friend.” 
Source: February 4, 2016

What can BRRD can do for you and your music? 


BRRD digitally distributes new Country Music singles being released to radio decision makers and Country Music industry personnel. With over 2000+ country radio stations that we send material to, your single will get into the hands of those who can get you airplay. 

How can I get the most out of my purchase?

While we only send music and do not promote, there are a few things you as an artist or manager can do. Social Media is key, that will be important more than ever.  You should be promoting yourself 3-4 times a week at least.  Build a fan base if you don't have one.  Along with social media, have material you believe in and that stands out from the rest.  Listeners love content they can relate to. 

Does BRRD promote my single after they send it out?

At this time, BRRD is NOT taking on the role of promoting artists, We simply distribute your single to country radio. According to what package is purchased, BRRD will send a bio to country radio, and a news release to the artist to use at their discretion. 

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